A Guide to Chinese National Holidays in 2018

A Guide to Chinese National Holidays in 2018

Are you wondering what are the key times of year to expect an influx of Chinese tourists? Here is our helpful guide to Chinese National Holiday dates in 2018:


Saturday 30th December to Monday 1st January – New Year Holiday

Thursday 15th February to Wednesday 21st February – Chinese New Year Holiday/ Spring Festival 

Thursday 8th March – International Women’s Day

Thursday 5th April to 7th Saturday April – Ching Ming Festival

Sunday 29th April to Tuesday 1st May – Labour Day Holiday

Friday 4th May – Youth Day

Friday 1st June – Children’s Day

Saturday 16th June to Monday 18th June – Dragon Boat Festival

Wednesday 1st August – Army Day

Saturday 22nd September to Monday 24th September – Mid-Autumn Festival

Monday 1st October to Sunday 7th October – National Day Holiday (Golden Week) 

Wednesday 17th October – Chung Yeung Festival


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